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Sat, 1st December 2018, 1:25am (Sat, 1st December 2018, 12:25pm UTC+11)

I was a Member of the Lodge in Malta in 1960/61. It's good to see it still alive and well.

Ivor Rothwell

Sat, 19th May 2018, 2:33pm

Always a pleasure to visit.

Take care of your Nautical Cable Tow!!!

W Bro Brian Barton PGStB

Wed, 15th March 2017, 11:45am

It was great seeing some of you at the Union of Malta installation on Saturday. As always many thanks for your support.

Superb website btw.

Matthew Fullick

Mon, 4th April 2016, 8:54pm

A very informative website. BZ to all concerned. Spent some happy times in Malta.

Dave Watson (ex RN)

Fri, 9th October 2015, 11:49pm

Excellent website!

Charlie Read